Helpful Tips

The Brown Glove Break-In Process

The forming of a glove builds a relationship between player and glove. It personalizes what makes a glove a unique extension of the player. A Brown Glove comes in three different stages – Firm, Semi-Firm and Game Ready. If you have purchased a Firm or Semi-Firm model, we suggest you follow the this process to shape your glove to your liking:

Step 1: Rub Vaseline over the entire surface of your glove

Step 2: Place a softball into the pocket and tie your glove closed

Step 3: Place your glove into a pillowcase and tie the pillowcase off at the top

Step 4: Place your glove in a clothes dryer on high heat for 30 to 45 minutes

Step 5: Remove your glove from the dryer and rub in any excess Vaseline

Step 6: Wipe down your glove with a damp towel

Step 7: Start molding your glove to your own unique shape

Repeat steps as necessary.

This process allows the pores of the leather to open during the tumbling the glove takes during the spin cycle. Once the pours are open, the Vaseline has the opportunity to seep into the leather. It’s this combination of tumbling, Vaseline and heat that helps you mold your Brown Glove to the shape you desire.