“The Brown Catcher’s Glove has completely changed the way I view baseball gloves. They have the best leather and pockets I have ever felt. I think the unique hand design is brilliant and a Godsend to catchers everywhere. I like to say ‘Once you go Brown, you never go back.‘”
– Casey Chavez, Oakland Athletics Bullpen Catcher

“My Brown Glove is one of the best gloves I have ever used. I have played with top-of-the-line gloves and Brown’s quality is as good – or better – than any glove on the market.”
– Devon Kline, San Francisco Giants

“As a former player and current manager, I have experienced the uncomfortable effects of catching a ball, which often results in painful stinging, swelling and bone bruising. There are various products out on the market that claim to reduce discomfort to the hand; products such as, extra padding, gel packs and sponges. I have attempted to get relief from these very products and have not had success.

Recently, I have been using the Brown Glove and it has provided the relief I have been looking for. Unlike other products, the Brown Glove has been uniquely designed. This new design takes the hand out of the impact zone of the ball – resulting in a comfortable catch.

I highly recommend the Brown Glove to anyone who plays the game of baseball.”
– Bruce Bochy, San Francisco Giants Manager