Why Us

The Difference is in the Details

Eric Chavez presents Brown Gloves! Countless hours of in-depth research have gone into the development of each Brown Glove design. Proudly handcrafted in the USA, Brown Gloves are professionally engineered down to the last detail – Details That Make A Difference!

The Designs

By consulting with multiple active and former Major League Baseball players and coaches, Brown Gloves are designed around the position they were created for. By focusing on the various physical demands of each position, we are able to design gloves that are an extension of the player. In addition, our catcher's glove has a unique hand configuration and placement that provide maximum control while protecting the hand from continuous impact that causes uncomfortable swelling, stinging and bone bruising. Our designs give players comfort, control and performance that counts.

The Materials

After interviewing numerous tanneries, leather specialists and manufacturers, we have found the best possible leather for the best possible gloves on the market today. The customized leather that goes into the creation of each Brown Glove goes through a process that allows the leather time to mature – giving it the tensile strength of this unique material. Supple to the touch with a relatively easy break-in process, our leather retains its form/shape over the course of time.

But we didn’t stop at the outside of the glove. Each Brown Glove also provides the player with an inner liner made of elk skin to increase comfort and decrease corrosion from the sweat. By paying attention to the both the inside and the outside of the glove, we are giving the player the best of both worlds.